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Windows, average, are only 8% of the building's surface,
but they can cause almost 40% of thermal energy losses.


IDEAL 4000® is a windows without a metallic thermal bridge. The system has significant thermal insulation values in all versions and depths, which actively contributes to CO2 reduction, reducing heating costs and thus protecting the environment.

We offer PVCu profil
Aluplast IDEAL 4000 Casement

so-called "English windows" - open to the outside

IDEAL 4000 Casement system

Technical specification:

  • Depth of installation: 70 mm
  • Frame / sash width: 107.5 mm
  • The maximum thickness of the glazing: 40 mm
  • Number of chambers: 5
  • Sealing system: external (2 gaskets)
  • Reinforcement system: steel
  • Available stylistics of profiles: classic line Uf: 1.3 W / m2K
  • Technology - bonding inside: yes
  • Possibility of foam: no
  • Interchangeable seals: no

IDEAL 4000 casement is an example of a group of window systems that open outwards so-called "bevelled \ chamferred", characterized by a flat rebate with one or two oblique planes. The windows in these systems are also eagerly installed in wide residential construction as well as in market segments related to public tenders and architectural services. The advantage of this type of systems, especially those characterized by a single oblique surface of the rebate is a much faster and easier machining process - especially cleaning the rebate.

The development of "bevelled \ chamferred" systems are emerging on the market hybrid systems, combining the advantages of PVC profiles with other types of materials. Until now, most of them have combined PVC profiles with wooden elements. Aluplast, drawing from several years of experience in launching Aluskin aluminum overlays, offers a combination of the advantages of the Ideal 4000 Casement system in terms of thermal efficiency, interior aesthetics and cost of production, external aesthetics and durability of aluminum facades.

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Roller shutters

The atmosphere of the interior is a very important element of life. External blind systems can be not only an additional protection of your homes, but undoubtedly contribute to the creation of a unique atmosphere inside them.

We supply blinds for all types of buildings: for those with already installed windows, as well as for newly built ones. We offer roller blinds mounted on top together with windows and adaptation blinds for installation on the facade of the building. We offer three types of top-mounted roller blinds and three types of adaptation roller blinds.

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What do you gain?

In the era of construction with a significant number of glazed elements in an architectural design, blinds are an important part of the additional home furnishings, offering a wide range of benefits. The most important of them are:

  • protection against temperature fluctuations
  • sound insulation
  • privacy
  • large adjustment possibilities
  • the color is configured with the window color
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Your home reflects your style and your personality - architecture, decor and colors and especially the building's facade.

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